Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Two-Year "Cranioversary!"

***If this is your first time visiting the blog, you can find the first entry in the March 2013 Blog Archive called "The Beginning...the News." ***

Payton- Can you believe it! Today marks the two-year anniversary of your reconstructive skull surgery for right-coronal craniosynostosis.  When I look at how far you've come and all the milestones since that day two years ago, I can't help but appreciate your precious smile and bubbly personality even more!  Today, as I wrestle with memories of the extreme emotions I felt during your surgery, my heart is also going out to all the families currently facing their own challenges, cranio families included.  I send them hopes for strength, courage, and the faith that they will overcome those challenges faced, and that they have an army of people in their corner for support, just like we did two years ago.

You have certainly grown and developed a lot since the last time I posted a blog entry, on your first birthday almost a year and a half ago! Just last month, you received your first ever haircut!  It was extra special because a fellow "cranio" mom, whose son had surgery two weeks after you did, cut your hair at her salon. (If anyone in the northern Colorado area reading this also had a child with cranio surgery, she offers free haircuts to cranio kids--a very sweet way to give back and support other families of cranio kids! Contact me for her contact info if you'd like! Her generosity also inspired us to donate the cost of the haircut instead to Cranio Care Bears in honor of our kids.  Cranio Care Bears is the non-profit organization that sent us a care package two years ago for Payton's hospital stay.  They have a wish list of items on Amazon that can be purchased and sent directly to them to help build care packages for families currently facing surgery for their children!)

Here are a few other highlights from your post-surgery days and since the last blog post:

Learning to walk! (February-March 2014, 13-14 months old.)
Getting ready for 3D photos at a check-up at Children's.

Return visits to Children's Hospital every 6-12 months to follow up with your doctors.  Each time has been reassuring that you are progressing great and it's fun to see your development.
One year post surgery 3D photos show the change in skull shape (Left: pre-surgery, Right-1 year later)

Riding through the hospital with big brother.  Your one year visit was much more fun for you!

One year post-surgery

Celebrating Payton's one year "Cranioversary" with Grandma and family- May 2014

Summer Fun 2014

A happy flower girl for Aunt Laura and Uncle Brandon's wedding- June 2014

One and a half yrs post-surgery.


    First family 5K- Christmas 2014

 A special 2nd birthday celebration! January 11, 2015

 Spring 2015- Two years post surgery. 
A visit to the farm.

Your favorite thing to do while hiking-Spring 2015

So next steps? We just plan to keep celebrating the milestones you reach Payton.  We also plan to face future challenges with the same courage, confidence, and peace we tried to maintain during your journey with craniosynostosis.  We hope to support others through challenging times whenever we can so they know the support we ourselves felt two years ago and since.  We plan to appreciate the time we are given together and make the most of it!  (This sounds mushy and yes, there are days we lose sight of this in the hectic-ness of life.  We are a "real" family after all.  But I also know there will be timely reminders to be thankful when we need them, like today's chance to just reflect on the past two years.) Happy two-year Cranioversary and thanks for continuing to inspire us with your resilience and love.

Mom, Dad, and Big Brother Pierce

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story and journey.

    I've lost alot of tears aber he made me stronger and optimistic for the journey of my angel, that we have in front of us.

    It helped me alot. Your Daughter is beautiful and so brave! God bless her, you and your family.